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The Layne Dress in Fog + Yellow (Size S/M)

Vintage Bermuda Bag from The Bee Hive

Hostess With The Mostest Apron in Teal Dots

I’m especially proud of the apron! It’s my own design and it turned out incredibly well. It’s very sturdy and I’m completely smitten!

Hope you like these, too!

xx. Julia

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1| This Whole Foods spring display!

2| Parasols -- so lovely.

3| The website Pinterest! You can collect your favourite photos from across the web to make e-inspiration boards. Here’s my home decor board.

4| This song:

5| T-Strap heels!

6| Craigslist! I’ve been finding some really great things on here lately + a lot of them are free!

7| These super cute button earrings from TheAngryWeather on Etsy!

8| Troop Beverly Hills with Shelley Long, JENNY LEWIS, and even Tori Spelling:

9| Tiny cottages. Ryan + I are really crossing our fingers for one nearby!

10| This coral + mint color combo. Lovely for summer :)

 I’ll be posting again later today with some great new shop items!

xx. Julia

(Click photos for sources!)

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