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This is such a late post, but I have good reasons, I promise; after work Ryan took me out on a date :)

We’ve been talking for months about going to Rosie’s for Blue Mango veggie burgers and sweet potato fries (we don’t get out much, haha). They were delish and my tummy was SO satisfied as we left the bar, and walked through the Old Port on our way to the Nickelodeon to see Bridesmaids!

The cast was fantastic, the humor was just our taste, and we had such a lovely time. On the way home, the dewy air felt romantic (of course the blossoming trees didn’t hurt). We also got a brand new (to us) bike! Overall, it was a great week.

The shelves are filling up for my shop :)

I found this photo from last year. Summer here we come!

 Have a great weekend, all! I’ll have so much to post about tomorrow. Get ready!

xx. Julia

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