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So the big dilemma in my Etsy world this week, is our still-missing camera. A couple of weeks ago my wonderful digital camera disappeared from us, and we haven’t for the life of us been able to locate it. For someone who is trying to make a living online, it is incredibly difficult to make do with a camera phone — as good as the iPhone camera is.

It’s especially frustrating, too, because Ryan has to be home and willing to give up his time to photograph me. The iPhone camera has a touch screen button, so there’s no way that I can rig up a timer. Because of this I have been taking all of my photos at night after he gets home from work (so the lighting is poor), and quickly so I don’t take up too much of his time. I hate to know that I’m putting so much into my projects and it’s not coming through in the photos for the customers to see.

Now that I’ve whined a little about that, I feel better. Thanks for listening! And here’s what’s new in my shop this week:

Paper Bag Skirt in Blue Checks

Pleated Decorative Sash

Vintage Cropped Sweater Vest

A Bow Tie Necklace in Blue Checks

Also! I’m now offering free shipping for anyone in the U.S. or Canada who “likes” my facebook page! All you have to do is let me know in the “message to seller” or in a convo that you’re a fan, and so long as the names match up, I’ll either make shipping free before you purchase, or refund you the shipping amount after you purchase. I’m not sure how long this will last — maybe forever, maybe for a month — so hop on board while you can!

Have a lovely day, all + I’ll see you tomorrow!

xx. Julia

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