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May went exceptionally well in my shop! I had increased my intended output from $80 per week to $90, and I met my goals with flying colours (if I do say so myself). Although I’m a bit late posting my June goals, I’ve had them in mind since about half way through May and have actually already started pattern making for several of my original designs.

So, I’m keeping it pretty simple this month:

If you’re observant you’ll notice that I didn’t make my $90 worth of listings this week (I usually post about what’s new in my shop on Wednesdays). That’s because I worked two extra shifts at my day job and thus didn’t have the time to put in in my studio, but I did make that amount of money which was really my intention anyway.

I just want to make sure that I’m doing all I can not to lose that much money. So I’m counting it as a success.

Happy hump day, everybody!

xx. Julia

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30 for 30 – Day 8

Today I wore:

J Brand jeans, blush LAmade tunic tank, and brown cardigan with moccasins and my thrifted belt.

 Just a normal day at work today. Nothing too special! That’s the same style tank as my black one, if you’re wondering. I wear these all the time. They’re super versatile because of their length and stretch. I wear them as tanks, dresses (with leggings and embellishment, of course), slips, and skirts. Sometimes I even wear them to bed.

If you’re trying to make the most out of your closet, these are a great investment. They are also seriously comfortable, and made in the U.S.!

Thanks for checking in, I’ll see you all again later!

xx. Julia

Oh yes, and Hugo says “Hi” -

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