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I operate seasonally.

This is something I’ve come to know about myself. In the winter I knit and sew a lot, in the summer I need to be outside, and in the fall I read and write. The weather in New England is as pervasive to my mood as that of Wuthering Heights.

And it seems I’m not the only one. Hello Giggles posted a fantastic piece recently called “Get Thee To A Bookstore Before It’s Too Late“, and as soon as I read the title, I just knew I’d be so fired up about the article.

You see, I’m rather opinionated at times (perhaps you’ve already figured this out on your own). And I just love the atmosphere created when books are stacked and piled and displayed as they are in bookstores and libraries. To think that I’m standing amidst a sea of stories is something akin to standing at the top of a hill during the worst of a storm — it’s powerful, bewildering, and most of all, exciting.

So I do worry about the future of our bookstores these days due to the prevalence of e-books and free/cheap downloads. When I moved to my city just three years ago there were at least five bookstores that I applied to for a job just within walking distance of my house. Since then, not only have three of those five have closed, but so have their locations in other towns, and we all know about the recent Borders disaster, don’t we?

Basically what I’m trying to say is, I think bookstores are simply magical, but they’re in serious danger now that we’re all too lazy to get off of the couch and walk to them. Shall we all decide together that we’ve learned a lesson from The Shop Around The Corner in You’ve Got Mail, and know that the internet will always be here for us, but that our bookstores might not?

After all, autumn is the perfect time for reading…


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