Photobooth Friday — No. 26


Snapshots from our week:

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It’s March 2nd, and it feels more like winter now than it has since October. Strange, strange weather we’ve had this year. Remember how it was snowing on Halloween? I suppose it is true that March comes in like a lion and { hopefully } goes out like a lamb. It’s my tumultuous birth month — we shall have to wait and see!

My parents came to visit this week and brought with them Samoas — my very favourite Girl Scout cookie. I can’t get enough of these little darlings…the first box is already gone. We didn’t do much while they were here, just a whole lot of sitting around and chatting. But we did get to talking a lot about my home and I’m really, really missing it. Ryan + I have since decided to plan a visit for our next coming weekend.

On another note, don’t you love these beautiful tulips? It’s wonderful to pretend for just a moment that it’s time for flowers outside. They’re a breath of fresh air in here and I’m increasingly excited for the coming months. I’ve decided that this summer I will make it a goal of mine to have a fresh bouquet of flowers in our home every single week. Hopefully many of those I’ll be able to grow myself!

Happy Friday!