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I had a wonderful birthday yesterday.

Part of that was because so many people took the time to send some wishes my way. One reader even sent a birthday card in the mail — so thoughtful! Thank you all! I’ll be sending five of yesterday’s commenters a special package in the mail to say thanks for taking the time to leave their thoughts and best wishes. Four winners will have an email from me waiting in their inbox right now! Shelly of The Decayed Gentlewoman, please email me at Jeeze.Julia@gmail.com with your address so I can send the package your way, too. As soon as I receive your addresses, I’ll pop the packages in the mail!

Isn’t that negative strip brilliant? What a creative idea! So, birthday wishes were my first “thank you”. My second is for everyone who voted for me to take over the Sunset Hill House and share all of their deepest darkest secrets { like the recipe for their delicious wild blueberry pancakes or how they make their own maple syrup }. Thanks to you, I’ve won! They selected me on March 1st to come stay at their Inn for a week and show you the ins and outs of their amazing little hotel! I’m not sure when I’ll be visiting, but you can be sure that I’m already jumping up + down with excitement. Can’t wait to tell you more!

You’re all wonderful!


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