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I’ve got big, big plans brewing in my head regarding both my Etsy shop and my spot at the Merchant Company. Spring always has me inspired, and although it’s still teasing us with its hide-and-seek games, I’m feeling the need to reassess and redo so much in my life. Tomorrow I’ll make a huge shop announcement – the biggest I’ve ever considered — and I’ll be guiding myself through two Red Velvet E-courses in the next couple of months in an effort to better develop my dreams and bring them to life. Expect big things!

At my day job I’ve been helping out a client of mine in cleaning her apartment. So far we’ve donated about eight gigantic totes full of stuff to Goodwill as well as throwing out just as many bags of trash and recycling. Combing through all of her belongings, we’ve come across several old photographs of lost family members and friends. It’s an interesting feeling to see someone else touched by a striking memory that only they can understand.

While driving the other day, Ryan found an old polaroid of my friend Claire taken during one of the best summers of my life, and I knew just how he must have felt looking at me, looking at her. What a wonderful thing memories are.

Happy Friday!


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