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In honor of Portland, and our upcoming move, I’m starting a new feature.

Documenting my Favourite Local Haunts will be so bittersweet for me! We’ve lived in this city for four years, and in that time we’ve found some great little places. The Public Market House is definitely one of the best. Located right in the hub of town, Monument Square, this place is pretty much equidistant from everywhere else on the peninsula. Thus, it’s the perfect meeting spot for lunches, coffee dates, and it’s a great place to bum around on days off.

This place has two-floors worth of great resources. Downstairs, there’s a cheese counter with amazing imported choices, a section with fresh produce, the best selection of local microbrewed beers, fantastic wines, and meads. There’s also a station for Big Sky Bakery where you can take home some fresh bread. And the back section of the Market House offers one of the best little grocery areas within walking distance!

Upstairs, several local businesses have cafeteria-style booths and tables. There’s a coffee shop, a pizza place, a burrito spot, and even a quirky little soup joint {Kamasouptra!}, all of which pass my taste test! The mismatched tables and chairs lend a cozy Central Perk vibe to the establishment, and the view of Monument Square from the second floor makes for some excellent people watching. Although, I do miss giggling at Peanut Butter Jelly Time, a cereal + sandwich shop that used to be up there. What a brilliant idea for a business. I’m sad it didn’t stay longer!

Ryan + I first fell in love with the Public Market House a couple of years ago during NaNoWriMo. We needed a place to escape where we got a great wifi connection, had plenty of access to coffee, but weren’t distracted like we were at home. The Market House was the perfect place. We’d go here on our days off, split a french press, and type away at our novels until our fingers bled { I’m only exaggerating a little here }. The bevy of interesting people down below us made for great inspiration, but keeping a safe distance from it all in our cozy little nook upstairs made just the right environment. If you’re in the area, I hope you stop by for a visit from time to time to take our place in supporting this great local establishment.

We’ll miss it when we’re gone!


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