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Today I wore:

Free People oversized sweater, American Apparel tee, LAmade blush tunic tank, J Brand jeans, oxfords, and a second-hand scarf (another free score!)

Brrrr! In true New England fashion, we’ve gone from high 90s temperature with incredible humidity, way down to chilly temps in the 50s in just a matter of days. I’ve got scarves and hot coffees to keep me warm :)

Ryan and I did some extra bountiful thrift shopping today. We scored big time on a matter of purchases at one of my very favourite treasure hunting locations! Perhaps I’ll share them later on. I’ve got lots of work to do in my shop this week, though, so I may just be too busy!

xx. Julia

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30 for 30 – Day 12

It’s been a hard day’s night (as Sundays always are for me), and I am thankful to be home! Here’s what I wore today:

American Apparel hoodie and tee, LAmade tunic tank underneath, J Brand jeans, Toms.

Like I said, on Sundays I really just wear a variation of the same outfit. It has proven to me time and again to be both practical and comfortable and I am therefore faithful to it. Haha!

xx. Julia

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What I’m wearing:

Oversized Free People sweater, blush LAmade tunic tank underneath, Free People layer skirt, brown tights, belt from Goodwill, fuzzy wool socks, cowgirl boots thrifted from Find, scarf from TopShop, jacket vintage from my Mom.

This must be the first dreary day of the Summer (yes, I know, technically it’s not actually Summer yet…), and I am spending it in woolies, drinking hot coffee, working in my shop with kitty company. I get to stay inside today, other than when I left to bring Ryan some lunch, and for that I am very thankful.

When I’m done with my work I’ll either curl up with a book or snuggle on the couch watching Gilmore Girls. You’re jealous…

Stay cozy, everyone!

xx. Julia

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30 for 30 – Day 10

I almost slipped last night, you guys. I mean, as far as the outfit construction thing goes, I’m (so far) completely fine. But there’s one small stipulation that I am adhering to as well which states that during the 30 days I must refrain from purchasing anything new, and it is that which almost knocked me off the wagon last night.

And it was all because of this little number…

Image via Find (Click photo for source!)

Now guess the price. Really, go ahead, think of how much you think this beauty must cost…got your number? You’ll never guess.

Can you imagine how adorable this would be with the high waisted navy pin up shorts I wore yesterday? I mean, that’s a summer combo if I’ve ever seen one! I am dying a little inside at the thought of someone else snatching this piece up, but so far I’m holding my ground.

Here’s what I wore today:

Prairie tunic, American Apparel leggings, brown flats.

(Honestly, I’d rather have the crop top.)

Now I’ll tell you how much the top is …


No, I’m not joking.

I’m just heartbroken.

xx. Julia

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30 for 30 – Day 9

WOW! Today is a serious scorcher in the North East. Just walking to the post office (only a couple of blocks away), I was sweating profusely and ready to take a break!

Days like this are made for the beach. Alas, I am stuck in the city at least until Ryan gets home from work. Maybe when he returns we’ll forgo our weekly trip to the grocery store in favour of a beach visit…we’ll see what he thinks about that.

Anyway, it’s almost too hot for clothes, so please forgive my definite ooh-la-la pin up girl shorts. You’d understand if you were here. This is what I’m wearing:

White cotton crop top, and American Apparel shorts.

I’ll be barefoot for the rest of the day, too, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me! By the way, do you recognize that top? It’s one of the pieces I took home from SWAPmaine a couple of weeks ago! That’s right – I got it for free! I’m certainly thankful for it today. The cotton is breathable and light, and it matches so nicely with my shorts, don’t you think?

Here’s hoping that you’re near some wonderful body of water enjoying this Summer weather for all that it’s worth!

xx. Julia

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30 for 30 – Day 8

Today I wore:

J Brand jeans, blush LAmade tunic tank, and brown cardigan with moccasins and my thrifted belt.

 Just a normal day at work today. Nothing too special! That’s the same style tank as my black one, if you’re wondering. I wear these all the time. They’re super versatile because of their length and stretch. I wear them as tanks, dresses (with leggings and embellishment, of course), slips, and skirts. Sometimes I even wear them to bed.

If you’re trying to make the most out of your closet, these are a great investment. They are also seriously comfortable, and made in the U.S.!

Thanks for checking in, I’ll see you all again later!

xx. Julia

Oh yes, and Hugo says “Hi” -

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Today I wore:

My reconstructed romper, Top Shop sweater, thrifted belt, and suede sandals

These sandals are yet another clothing swap score. I’ve made out so well over the years with second hand finds. In fact, most of my closet is made up with pieces that were not new when I bought them. Everything I’m wearing today was second hand, except for the Top Shop sweater which I bought while in London because I had to have something lovely for a souvenir.

Today we rode our bikes up the Eastern Promenade and all the way around Back Bay and then back again! I’m definitely feeling a bit flimsy after all of that riding and sunshine! To celebrate our hard work we had margaritas and napped on a blanket at Kettle Cove.

It was a perfect day off, if you ask me :)

See you tomorrow!

xx. Julia

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