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30 for 30 – Day 10

I almost slipped last night, you guys. I mean, as far as the outfit construction thing goes, I’m (so far) completely fine. But there’s one small stipulation that I am adhering to as well which states that during the 30 days I must refrain from purchasing anything new, and it is that which almost knocked me off the wagon last night.

And it was all because of this little number…

Image via Find (Click photo for source!)

Now guess the price. Really, go ahead, think of how much you think this beauty must cost…got your number? You’ll never guess.

Can you imagine how adorable this would be with the high waisted navy pin up shorts I wore yesterday? I mean, that’s a summer combo if I’ve ever seen one! I am dying a little inside at the thought of someone else snatching this piece up, but so far I’m holding my ground.

Here’s what I wore today:

Prairie tunic, American Apparel leggings, brown flats.

(Honestly, I’d rather have the crop top.)

Now I’ll tell you how much the top is …


No, I’m not joking.

I’m just heartbroken.

xx. Julia

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30 for 30 – Day 9

WOW! Today is a serious scorcher in the North East. Just walking to the post office (only a couple of blocks away), I was sweating profusely and ready to take a break!

Days like this are made for the beach. Alas, I am stuck in the city at least until Ryan gets home from work. Maybe when he returns we’ll forgo our weekly trip to the grocery store in favour of a beach visit…we’ll see what he thinks about that.

Anyway, it’s almost too hot for clothes, so please forgive my definite ooh-la-la pin up girl shorts. You’d understand if you were here. This is what I’m wearing:

White cotton crop top, and American Apparel shorts.

I’ll be barefoot for the rest of the day, too, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me! By the way, do you recognize that top? It’s one of the pieces I took home from SWAPmaine a couple of weeks ago! That’s right – I got it for free! I’m certainly thankful for it today. The cotton is breathable and light, and it matches so nicely with my shorts, don’t you think?

Here’s hoping that you’re near some wonderful body of water enjoying this Summer weather for all that it’s worth!

xx. Julia

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30 for 30 – Day 8

Today I wore:

J Brand jeans, blush LAmade tunic tank, and brown cardigan with moccasins and my thrifted belt.

 Just a normal day at work today. Nothing too special! That’s the same style tank as my black one, if you’re wondering. I wear these all the time. They’re super versatile because of their length and stretch. I wear them as tanks, dresses (with leggings and embellishment, of course), slips, and skirts. Sometimes I even wear them to bed.

If you’re trying to make the most out of your closet, these are a great investment. They are also seriously comfortable, and made in the U.S.!

Thanks for checking in, I’ll see you all again later!

xx. Julia

Oh yes, and Hugo says “Hi” -

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Today I wore:

My reconstructed romper, Top Shop sweater, thrifted belt, and suede sandals

These sandals are yet another clothing swap score. I’ve made out so well over the years with second hand finds. In fact, most of my closet is made up with pieces that were not new when I bought them. Everything I’m wearing today was second hand, except for the Top Shop sweater which I bought while in London because I had to have something lovely for a souvenir.

Today we rode our bikes up the Eastern Promenade and all the way around Back Bay and then back again! I’m definitely feeling a bit flimsy after all of that riding and sunshine! To celebrate our hard work we had margaritas and napped on a blanket at Kettle Cove.

It was a perfect day off, if you ask me :)

See you tomorrow!

xx. Julia

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30 for 30 – Day 6

Today was glorious! Long bike ride, sunshine, and the first ice cream of the season!

Here’s what I wore:

Free People romper, LAmade tunic tank, black leggings, moccasins!

Those leggings are another amazing clothing swap score. I love sharing and switching pieces with people. You get new stuff without spending, and clean out your closet at the same time!

P.s. Don’t pick on my riding helmet. I rode for years, and I think bike helmets are so ugly, but wouldn’t dare to ride uncovered! Equestrian helmets are built to withstand impact from speed and height (not to mention the crushing sharp edge of a horse’s shod hoof!), so they are therefore better. I’m sure real bike enthusiasts will shake their heads at me, but at least I’m wearing something, right? Don’t try it the other way around, though…

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On Saturday this is what I wore:

My Fables By Barrie high waisted jeans, a hand-me-down striped tank, and Top Shop sweater.

I have literally had this tank top my entire life. Well, my sister had it first, and it may have been from a cousin before that, but it was handed down to me at some point and I have never given it up. For years I didn’t wear it. But my hoarding finally came in handy and for about a year now it’s had a steady spot in my wardrobe.

The jeans are fantastic, too. I have had such a great experience with Fables By Barrie on Etsy…and they’re on ModCloth, too! I was feeling pretty nautical on Saturday (as you can tell, I’m sure).

And on Sunday, I worked my long 12 hour shift, so I went for a lazy look:

Jeans from Find, American Apparel tee + hoodie, Toms shoes!

Ryan refers to this outfit and variants of it as my “Sunday outfit”. It’s easy to move in, and I don’t mind getting it dirty. I work for 12 hours on Sunday pushing a wheelchair, cleaning, and doing lots of undesirable tasks, so I can’t really dress to impress on this shift.

But, these jeans were a total triumph for me. I found them at Find about a year ago. I had been looking for another nice pair of high waisted jeans. My FBB ones were not always casual enough for every day wear, and my J Brand  jeans needed a bit of relief.

I stopped into my favourite thrift store, and there these were. Just my size and for $10. Perfect! I wore them right out of the store! And as I turned the corner from the shop doorway onto the sidewalk I thrust my hands into my pockets with satisfaction…and found a dollar. Brilliant.

Those were my weekend wears! I’m dressed today, but haven’t taken photos yet. You’ll be hearing from me soon :)

xx. Julia

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30 for 30 – Day 3

Here’s what I wore yesterday (as I write this I’m still in my pajamas — yay Saturday!):

Ryan surprised me for lunch with a yummy sandwich from the West End Deli and a sweet treat to follow! Here I am trying to make it last…

I wore my J Brand jeans, Free People sweatshirt, and my LAmade pink tank underneath partnered with floral flats that Ryan got me for my birthday last year.

After work and grocery shopping, we met up with our friend Marsha and went out for drinks at Ri Ra! It was such fun and much needed after the week we all had.

See you in a bit with today’s wearings (once I decide what they shall be…)!

xx. Julia

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So here we are on day 2! This is one of my favourite combos, and I’m guilty of wearing all the time. It’s casual, but cute, and really comfortable!

Layer dress, brown cardigan, + navy leggings.

Check out those bug bites!

 And there you have it. A simple outfit for a simple girl, I guess! That’s day 2 :)

xx. Julia

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30 for 30 – Day 1

So Ryan and I went hiking yesterday…and it kicked our butts.

It’s probably been a few years since I climbed the mountain I grew up on, but Ryan kept telling me he wanted to go hiking, and this weekend was the perfect time for him to give it a try. The weather was gorgeous, it was the beginning of the season so the trail wasn’t packed with tourists yet, and there were so many gorgeous lady slippers scattering the sides of the trail.

I’ll give you more of an update soon (probably on Saturday), but I just had to explain that I am sore and sunburnt, so today when I was getting dressed I looked for something very comfortable. I came up with this. Not my most creative outfit, but it certainly was light and loose.

My LAmade tunic, oversized striped cardigan, and brown leggings. I kept it super simple with a pair of flats and an updo. I’m covered in bug bites, my left arm is sunburned (from the car ride!), and I feel like I climbed a mountain after running a mile and riding my bike (because I did, haha). It was all incredibly worth it, and I’d do every bit of it again in a heartbeat ♥

So there’s Day 1 of my 30 for 30 challenge! Hope I feel a little more inspired tomorrow. Guess you’ll have to come back then and see :)

xx. Julia

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So I embark on my 30 for 30 challenge this Wednesday. And with barely any himming or hawing, it has come down to these 30 pieces:

6 tank tops

2 long sleeve shirts

6 sweaters or cardigans

2 sweatshirts

1 skirt

1 skirt

3 pairs of jeans

2 pairs of shorts

3 pairs of leggings

2 rompers

3 dresses

This part was really quite easy for me. Although I have a pretty bountiful closet, I seem to catch myself wearing some combination or another of these pieces pretty regularly anyway. I threw down my thirty pieces in only about 60 seconds, then made only one switch — substituting a pair of black pants for a brown cardigan instead.

Now that the selection part is over, we’ll see how hard the actual challenge is itself!

xx. Julia

Post script: Immediately after posting this, I went back to my closet to put all of these pieces away. I realized then how it really is true that these are pretty much the only clothes that I wear, so I ended up taking a bunch of stuff out of my closet to sell to Find or in a clothing sale/swap of my own! It’s working already!

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