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Our days are filled with comfort.

christmas couplesnowy brick buildingvintage christmaschristmas bikeI hope your days are filled with cheer and joy. Spend as much time as you can with family, and show your loved ones how much you care. This part of the year never neglects me – I always feel the urge to share little happinesses with those around me.

Happy Christmas,



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Today was a wonderful day to live in a small town.

Snow started falling this morning putting Ryan and I in the most marvelous mood. We love snow and we love winter! I can’t imagine living somewhere that didn’t have all four seasons. Although there was no accumulation, the flakes we saw were all it took to get us all bundled and nearly running out of the house.

While living in Portland we became rather accustomed to spending our days off just walking around town and popping in and out of establishments. It’s much harder to do that sort of thing in an area where the downtown stretches less than a quarter of a mile, but we made our very best effort today for sure!

First stop – the post office. We checked our mail {I got a letter from my Lovely Letters pen-pal, Felicity!} and picked up a package. Our post mistress is the absolute best, so on our way out we decided to pick up a coffee to surprise her! Ryan got a pumpkin coffee and I ordered a pumpkin coffee and a pumpkin latte so Andrea, the post mistress, could take her pick. We always appreciate her kindness and efficiency so I really hope she liked her autumn treat!

Apres ca, it was straight to the antique shop! Our antique shop owner is fantastic. She’s a jubilant thirty-something always excited to help us learn more about the world of antiquing. She asked us to make a list of all our favourites today so she could keep an eye out especially for us when she’s buying. I swear we could pass hours {and we almost did!} just hanging around her store laughing about flask-sized secret compartments in vintage bibles and venting about that time a family member threw away something obsolete (ie. oh-so-valuable) without checking with us first! Next time we visit she said she’ll make us tea. We may just stop by weekly!

Next stop, the library to pick out a few movies. We haven’t been in awhile since we’ve been so busy and our librarian jokingly scolded us, “You could have at least popped in to say ‘hi!'” It was great to catch up a little with her and as we left from there on our way home Ryan and I were glowing with the joy of living in a small town. It feels so wonderful to get out and be social and I love how intimate relationships can be here even just with the post master or librarian.

I hope your day was just as lovely!


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Halloween is approaching fast!

And it has certainly been on my mind. This year, as much as I dislike certain aspects of our apartment, I really love its location. We’re just outside the tiny center of town – only about a minute’s walk from everything – so I’m really crossing my fingers that we’ll have a little trick-or-treat traffic. I’ve got my candy display all ready to go, and I came up with some ideas for turning thrifted finds into candy-carriers on the big night. Now all I need is my costume! I have some ideas, but really better get crackin’. I have been planning on sewing my dress myself – we’ll see how that goes!

What will you be for Halloween?


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our week in snapshots:

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I read an article recently about stress. Obviously we all have stressors in our life, and they’re all relative, but in this article it said that the retired community is the least stressed of all Americans, and women in their 20s are the most. Huh. I have to say that I kind of felt a little better reading that because there’s a lot of figuring-out to do at my age, and at least I’m not the only one dealing with it. That certainly isn’t exclusive to women, we must just handle our stress differently than men, but it none-the-less made me feel a little less alone. Interesting, no?

I was absolutely captivated the other day at work when I accidentally glanced out a window and my eye caught on a flaming maple. Maples are the most beautiful trees in the fall. On the drive to work with Ryan yesterday our car climbed and dipped along the loopy back-woods road consistently being showered with fluttering yellow leaves. It was surreal. We have taken a liking to that scary road I described a few months ago. You know, the road with the one lane tunnel under the curved stone bridge? That part is still slightly terrifying. My heartbeat increases whenever we pull up to it, stop, roll down our window and honk our horn to warn anyone else that may be about to enter the tunnel from the other side. But the rest of the road makes up for it with its lakeside meandering and all of those gorgeous trees.

We caught the most fantastic estate sale on Saturday! I was so in love with the house, the yard, the pieces being divvied out, but on the other hand, thinking of the woman who spent so many of her years there and now has to be moved into a nursing home was heartbreaking. So many little memories handed out to strangers. We excitedly accept them and fill our house that will one day also be distributed in such a way. Everything is cyclical. We must each do our best to live a life that we truly enjoy. It’s so, so important.

Happy Friday,


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Our temperatures are starting to drop!

You know what that means! Ryan and I piled on our fall flannels the other day to scope out a potential wedding venue! We’ve had several ideas so far for venues and themes and I am so, so excited to start making some serious decisions. But right now we’re just enjoying this great excuse to mosey around some really beautiful places we’ve never been before!Traipsing around farms, camps, and woods is definitely the right occasion for boots and flannels. We weren’t quite sure what to expect while we checked out this area, so Ryan dressed his jeans up a little with a cardigan, and I wore my blazer, too. We didn’t end up meeting the owners of the property on this day, but we were fortunate enough to meet Snow the bunny!

Every season is lovely in New England, but now that summer has melted into fall I’m happy to see apples in wooden crates and to step on crunchy leaves. We weren’t the only ones who were enjoying this little afternoon trip. The lady we spoke with while there told us that our new bunny friend gets super excited for fall. Can’t you tell? Just look at all of those apples she gets to eat!

We think this might be the right place for our reception, lots of trees, mushrooms, and there’s even an airstream trailer (I know, right?)! Of course, the last place we looked at was fantastic, too. We’re feeling inspired by the little details of the natural world. And remembering, as our friend Courtney said, “if we’re married at the end of the day, it’s a good wedding.” Everything will fall into place. ♡

Happy Tuesday,


On the Ms.

Blazer | Thrifted from Find

Flannel | Thrifted from Goodwill

Jeans | J Brand from Bliss

Bag | Thrifted from Goodwill

Boots | ModCloth

On the Mr.

Tee | Thrifted from Goodwill

Flannel | Thrifted from Goodwill

Jeans | Levi’s

Boots | Thrifted from Material Objects

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This week I was so honored to write up a guest post for Kitty + Buck!

I love Shell’s blog so much! She marries bright color, beautiful photography, and a crisp eye for style to make her beautiful blog. A lot of blogs are alike out there, but Shell has a fun and unique way of approaching her daily life that comes through in her blog posts. Plus, she’s a member of the Turtle Love Co.‘s Vintage Style Council with me! For her it’s almost springtime in Australia, but I did my guest post on our approaching autumn. It was the best excuse I could think of to wear my newly thrifted wool skirt! That’s reason enough, right?

Have a great Thursday!


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A town-wide yard sale? Holy brilliant!

That is right up my alley. Who thought of this concept? I want to meet them. Yesterday my little town filled up the park with tents, tables, and totally kitschy housewares. You can’t really tell from these photos because the park slopes downward toward the water, so most of the tents are out of view, but look at all of those cars! The turn-out was great. I just wish I had spent more time there!

Two police officers on duty in this sleepy New England town? That’s a big event! A month or so ago I tried to call in a dog that was roaming around in front of our apartment, thinking that it might be lost. Getting ahold of a police officer was actually incredibly difficult! I mean, I’m not dissing the town – if it were a real emergency I would have called 911 – it’s just such a sign of how rural this part of New Hampshire is. I called and the phone just rang and rang and rang. I hung up and called again a little while later and pressed some button to be sent to the dispatcher who then told me that the officer on duty was out on a call and he’d swing by my part of town after he’d finished up where he was. Charming?

I never see this many people in the center of town so I love the idea of a town-wide yard sale. It’s such a great way to bring the whole community together and made for some great thrift shopping! There was so much to see, and I barely got a chance to check it out because I was on my way into work. We did, however, catch some of the leftovers that were still around today, so that was worth it! Maybe next summer we’ll get to make an afternoon of it!

Have you ever heard of a town-wide yard sale?


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