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Saturdays are lovely, aren’t they?

I spent the whole day today working away like a busy little Christmas elf. I picked up all of the crafting supplies I will need for all of the projects I’ll be doing as presents. I also finished a gift for my niece, and wrapped up several of Ryan’s! That’s a lot of work for one day!

We haven’t purchased a tree yet, so this is how we’re displaying our lights and presents. Every year I struggle with whether or not I want to buy a tree. I love them. I grew up with fresh, real trees, so I have a really hard time getting into the Christmas spirit without that spruce-y scent. But to think that every single year a tree is cut down for every household that celebrates Christmas is pretty sad.

Tree hugger concerns aside, we are not going to be around for Christmas Eve or Christmas day, so it seems like there may not be a reason. Yet, still, I might wear Ryan down so we can get a tree {he’s the strong one}. He did come up with a fun little way to display the cards we receive!

I came home from work on Friday to see our first Christmas card of the season hanging up proudly! Ryan took three strands of yarn — one green, one red, and one white — and twisted them all together to then clipped up a bunch of clothes pins!

I’ll have to share another photo closer to Christmas when it’s all filled up! Until then, please enjoy “It’s Christmas Again” the holiday song that The Rugg Brothers {aka. Ryan + Rob} wrote last year! I’m in the video, too! We had so much fun drinking eggnog, being silly, and getting excited about Christmas together. We’ll be with them next weekend to make this year’s video song and get into the groove of the holidays together!

Happy weekend!


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