New apartment inspiration!


Our move-in day is next Monday!

And with less than a week left, I’m finding myself super inspired to decorate our new space! I’ve been scouring Pinterest for some ideas on how to use what we have to create a new and different look for our home and here are some of the images that have really gotten my gears turning:

I can’t wait to get settled in and share a new home tour with you! Our new apartment doesn’t have as much built-in personality {fireplaces, moulding, etc.} as the one we live in now, so I’ll be doing a lot of creative styling to try to bring it to life. But, I suppose that just makes it more challenging and more exciting!

I’ve already got a list of must-do move-in DIYs going for things like the tub caddy above and a mug tree. It may take us awhile to get to the point where we’re ready to share our space, but I couldn’t be more excited about pulling everything together. Furniture arrangement ideas fill my head and my studio space will be the first thing I focus on since my shop’s reopening is scheduled for May 10th!

So much to do, so little time!

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