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Yesterday I shared our closet space with you.

It’s compact and humble, and I like it that way. Ryan + I try not to have too much “stuff”. We like to cycle out the old before we bring in the new, but I do have to swoon at Susan Gregg Koger’s closet tour below. I guess if I were the co-founder of ModCloth, then I too would have come across so many amazing pieces in my life time that I’d simply have to make room for some of them.

I also love her perspective on fashion as a reflection of ourselves. She says:

“One of the most amazing things about style and about fashion is that there are no right answers, there are no rules. Our personalities are multi-faceted, there are many different things about us that define who we are and if we’re thinking about fashion as a reflection of that, then your fashion taste and your fashion sense doesn’t necessarily have to just reflect that one aspect of your personality.”

That perspective is so inspiring to me! It’s no wonder that ModCloth celebrates such success with a lady like her in the lead! If I had a closet as filled with treasures as hers is, I think I would treat every day like a fancy party. As she says during the tour, embracing different styles allows you to dress as a new character every day. I love how liberating that is!

Enjoy Susan’s fantastic closet space…



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