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‘Tis the season for hot drinks!

And I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to experiment with some variations from the norm. Ever since the start of fall, I’ve been playing around with my morning coffee.

Adding some freshly grated cinnamon, or a few drops of vanilla or almond extract are really simple ways to make standard coffee taste special. I loved when I mixed some cocoa mix in there, too, and topped it with marshmallows — a yummy at-home mocha drink!

Nutmeg is also a lovely flavour to add {I’d highly suggest it}, and I’ve heard several people mention that maple syrup is a tasty sweetener for coffee, but I’ve yet to try it. Perhaps I shall give it a go tomorrow?

I strongly encourage you to get creative when brewing yourself a cuppa Joe. Most of these options can be added directly to your cup, but Ryan + I also experimented with putting different things into our french press so it steeped right along with the coffee grounds — totally up to you.

Any favourite combinations you have?


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I think I’ve figured out the cure for the common cold.

When I used to get a cold, it would be three days coming, three days of misery, and three days of getting better, or somewhere around there. I’ve managed to figure out a way to get rid of my cold entirely after only three days of obnoxious sniffing. Below are steps you can take to blast that cold right out of your system. The first three points are necessary, the rest are optional. Good luck!

1| Vitamin C. This is the most important part, from my experience. Vitamin C helps you build up your immunities and fight off whatever is making you sick. Uncooked broccoli has a lot of vitamin C in it, so when I get a cold I casually munch raw broccoli florets every day that I’m sick. I also drink Odwalla Vitamin C Monster since it’s yummy and packs a real punch. There are a lot of other fruits + veggies that you can get vitamin C from, but broccoli and fruit juice work well for me.

2| Sleep. Your body is working hard to kick the cold, and the best thing you can do for it is allow it to heal. The vitamin C is a start because you’re giving your body a weapon, but a lot of sleep and rest will help your body recoup from all of the hits it is taking. Get to bed early and sleep in if you can. If your job allows it, take one day off. It sounds silly to call out because of a cold, but if you just stay in bed and drink lots of fluids + vitamin C during that day, the next day when you go back to work you’ll be feeling a lot better than if you had pushed yourself. It takes a lot of energy to heal!

3| Fluids. I already mentioned fruit juices, but water is essential, too. Drink lots and lots and lots of fluids. By fluids I mean real drinks — water, 100% (or close to it) fruit juices, or vegetable juice and things of this sort. Skip soda, energy drinks, and fake stuff. Milk will make you mucus-y, so that’s not going to be very comfortable for you. You really can’t go wrong with orange juice and water (unless you’re like me and you don’t like OJ).

4| Garlic. It’s kind of a super food. If you’re trying get your body back to health, try dicing up a clove of garlic, putting it on a teaspoon, then swallowing it down really fast without chewing. Have a glass of water in your other hand to make sure it goes down as fast as it can, it’s not pleasant to have that much garlic in your mouth all at once, but I’ve done this before and felt nearly all better the next morning.

5| Soup. I think this is mostly a comfort thing, but it always seems to help, doesn’t it? Something about a warm bowl of soup just feels good. Kale is a really good source of vitamins, so adding that to your soup will make you feel good. A spicy soup will get your nose running and make your sinuses feel clear after. You are what you eat, so the more real ingredients you put into your soup, the more your body will get out of it. I’d suggest making a healthy, hearty soup ahead of time and sticking it in the freezer for days when you’re not feeling your best and don’t want to cook.

6| Honey. Honey is also a super food, did you know? They recently found a jar of honey in an Egyptian tomb — it was still edible. That’s how long honey lasts, and how amazing it is. Not only will it soothe your throat, it also has tons antioxidants in it to help you get better!

Good luck + feel better!


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Today I’m welcoming you into our home with open arms!

I’ve been working up to this post for a really long time, but it seems that time slips away from me, and life gets in the way, so it has taken me months to finally photograph the whole space to share. I’ll be getting to the rest of the apartment in the future, but this is the first room you’ll enter when you step through our front door. So, welcome!

Have a look around and hover your mouse over each photo for details!

So that’s it!

We have a super small space and this is the room we spend the most time in. As you can tell, it’s more than just a living room – it’s a cozy den, a dining room, a hallway to the kitchen, a space to entertain, and a library all at the same time. It’s also currently the perfect place for a cat nap, according to Atlas. I’m happy to have finally shared it with you, and I look forward to showing you the rest of our space!

See you tomorrow!


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