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And having the most wonderful time. Happy summer!


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Now let me preface this by saying that I usually don’t endorse sitting inside during the summer months…

However, seeing as there are only a few days left of this magical season, and today it is raining where I am (prime movie watching weather), I will pass along to you the Essential Summer Movie List that Ryan + I concocted.

♥ Enjoy!

- My Girl
- Now + Then
- Hook
- The Karate Kid
- The Parent Trap (original)
- The Friday The 13th Series
- Joe Versus The Volcano
- Big Girls Don’t Cry (They Get Even)
- Summer School
- Robin Hood (Men In Tights)
- Dirty Dancing
- The Sandlot
- Jaws
- Stand By Me
- Space Camp
- Troop Beverly Hills
- Rookie Of The Year
- Return From Witch Mountain
- It Takes Two
- On Golden Pond – This is where I grew up, so it has a special place in my heart.

BONUS: Watch any episode of Are You Afraid Of The Dark or Gilligan’s Island.

DOUBLE BONUS: Attend  a performance of A MidSummer Night’s Dream.

Anything I’m missing?

xx. Julia

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