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Yesterday I did something bold.

I made nearly every single item in my shop half-price. I’ve never really put my pieces on sale before because in the past I was just making things because I enjoy making them. However, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the future of my shop, and I’ve decided that on April 1st I’m going to close up for a little while. I’ve been open since the spring of 2008, and it’s about time to make some serious changes. Here are a few of the sale pieces waiting for you right now:

If my closing makes you sad, never fear! I’ll be back after making some changes {I’ll keep blogging regularly – phew!} and the shop will be better than ever! But things will look a little bit different. While my shop is closed up I’ll be working hard behind the scenes to breathe new life into the Jeeze, Julia! brand, and to bring forth a crisper, clearer vision of my work. So, until April 1st, my shop will be experiencing major mark-downs. If there’s anything you’ve been fawning over, now is certainly the time to purchase since it may not be back…ever. Help me make a little room for some brand new listings by purchasing that piece you’ve had on your favourites list for months!

Get it while it’s hot!


Remember – most of my shop is now half off, but on April 1st it’ll be gone for good!

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It’s been awhile since I’ve had anything new to share!

But I’m pleased to announce that this week I added several new listings to my shop. With holiday shopping well under way, I thought I’d better replace what I’ve been selling lately. A couple of these things have been hanging around my little workshop, just waiting to be listed, and the holiday rush was apparently all it took.

| Here’s what I’ve added |

Well, I certainly don’t need any more bunting around my apartment, so I’ve decided to part with this {golden brown bunting}. You may recognize it as the piece I made for a DIY How-To for the Goodwill Industries International blog. There’s just no place for it in my home with all of the other handmade decor that I have, so maybe it could find a place in yours?

Isn’t this {silk scarf} a dream? In my wildest fancies, I pictured this scarf  tied daintily under my chin keeping my hair set in place while my Mr. took me for a drive through the countryside in his convertible. Of course, we don’t have a convertible, my hair is pretty much always a mess anyways, and we don’t live in a classic movie. So, it’s up for grabs.

I can’t imagine how long it must have taken to make this gorgeous {embroidered floral display}! Really, the details are everything in this piece. Those colours, and the precise little stitches — amazing. I can see this so lovingly displayed in someone’s vintage-inspired ranch. Or perhaps a little country cottage? I know it will find a wonderful home somewhere. Will it be with you?

These two little pillows make a perfect pair, but are listed separately in my shop just in case you fall in love with one more than the other (just don’t let the other one know). They are a {periwinkle houndstooth} and a {gray/blue fleece} pair. Both looking for good homes. I’ve been selling these heart pillows a lot, actually, and most people order them in twos, threes, or even fours! They’re being used a lot as props for photo booths — how fun!

I’ll have even more newly listed items soon!


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Today has been surprisingly warm for mid-September! A definite reminder that it is still very much summer.

On our days off, we often roam around town, dropping into shops we love, and usually picking up a treat or two while we’re out. Here we are just before heading to the library to drop off Wuthering Heights which I finally finished (I am such a slow reader).

I’m documenting today with a photo every hour, and I’ll post the pictures tomorrow. Here’s what you have to look forward to: thrift shops, ice cream, and glimpses of my city.

Have a lovely evening!

xx. Julia

On the Ms. | I’m Your Present crop top, Fables By Barrie high waisted jeans, Jeeze, Julia turban, thrifted cross-body bag, H&M flats — almost entirely Etsy!

On the Mr. | American Eagle button up, H&M pants, Rockport shoes, vintage hat from Mum, Pilot V5 writer’s pen.

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I mentioned quite some time ago, that my friend Erin opened her own Etsy shop, but I don’t believe I ever went into any details about it.

But, a few weeks ago, she oh-so-generously mailed me a big box of fabrics that she wasn’t going to use! I simply had to say something more about her truly friendly threads in response. I’ve already listed an apron that was in the box, and used some of the gold fabric above to make this heart pillow!

I really still can’t believe how generous this was of her. Please make sure you check out her shop and her blog. She’s a real sewing wizard, and deserves some faithful followers. Feel free to tell her I sent you!

Oh, also! She does tutorials on her blog for beginning sewers. So helpful.

She really is a wealth of knowledge.

xx. Julia

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Chevron, vintage stamps, recycled paper — what more could a girl want in a postcard?

DO have a look at AllieRuth’s shop on Etsy by clicking this link. I’m very much in love, and had I any need at all for some gorgeous looking postcards, I would have purchased these about 30 seconds ago. Alas, I have a whole stash of cards in my desk drawer just waiting to be sent out and I hardly think I need to be adding any more. -sigh-

Maybe you could buy some?

xx. Julia

(Click photos for source!)

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If you haven’t yet had the chance to check out my shop, now’s the time!

And for those of you who are also fans of my facebook page, I offer free shipping within the U.S. and Canada! If you love vintage + handmade, then you’ll love my shop. I’ve added several adorable new things this week. Here they are:

Floral Heart Pillow

Heart of Gold Pillow

Sheer Vintage Apron

Retro Floral Height Chart

So that’s what I’ve been working on. A little thanks to my dear friend Erin for scouting out that lovely little apron and sending it my way!

Have a wonderful afternoon!

xx. Julia

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This image just speaks for itself, no?

A lovely lady we know has just opened up her Etsy shop, and this is a sample of the whimsical art that she has available. I’m so tempted to snatch up about five of her prints, tout de suite!

I’d love to have this posted near my bed, so as I fluttered off to dreamland, I could pretend I was aboard the little darling, headed for who-knows-where. The artist herself suggests maybe it’s here:

Please head over to check out her shop. The prints are ready to be shipped and would make the most beautiful gifts for housewarming, baby showers, or any other fanciful occasion. If you really love her work, she’s got a facebook fanpage, too!

Tell her I sent you ;)

xx. Julia

(Click images for source!)

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This week I’ve got some really lovely new finds!

My absolute favourite is this fantastic pillbox hat that I’ve been coveting for a month or so now. I just couldn’t part with it for awhile and planned on keeping it all to myself. Alas, we need the money, and I’m not sure I’ll ever have the occasion to wear it, so I give you the prettiest little pillbox hat I’ve ever set my eyes on:

♥ Also new this week:

Something for the misters in your life -- a woodgrained hanky!

Retro pool party anyone? Here's a super fun vintage beach ball!

A pink and white houndstooth heart pillow!

You've seen this one before. She's been sold and relisted!

Have a lovely night!

xx. Julia

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Before you say it — I know! My July goals are wayyyy overdue.

I’ve had them scrawled on my chalkboard for awhile, and before that I had them each in mind. But, alas, I’ve not yet shared them until tonight.

The photo updates are the most important part. Since getting my new camera, I’ve re-photographed about half of the things in my shop. Maybe half of those have been updated in my shop. I’ll be working on the rest during my next few shop-work days and hopefully I’ll have them all done before August begins so I can get back to production!

It’s because I have so many updates to do in my shop that I am just aiming to add $90 per week to my shop. I didn’t want to stress myself out by having too much to focus on while still managing my day job. Plus, I need to make sure I’m enjoying my favourite season!

Have a lovely night, all. I hope you’re not as sweaty as I am today, haha

xx. Julia

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So today, in an effort to complete my 20 listings goal for February, I created two new items with the intention of adding them to my shop. Unfortunately, I wasn’t completely satisfied with the quality of my cupcake pin cushion since I threw it together pretty quickly and didn’t have any instructions to go by so I had to figure it out as I went. So, I’m finishing February off at 19 items (I’ll list my new painting first thing tomorrow) in an effort to spare you my unprofessional little stitches.

One of the reasons I failed today was because Mondays and Tuesdays are our “weekend” so Ryan and I try to spend most of our time on these days together. I rushed through the pin cushion so I could hang out with him sooner. We also had a meeting for the Portland Food Co-op which we are considering ownership in. We’ll see how that goes…

So, alas, here are the two little tidbits I made today:

Cupcake pin cushion and Ampersand Banner painting

The painting will be listed on Etsy tomorrow! Snatch it up first thing if you’re interested :)

The cupcake stand, of course, is listed here if you like it!

Have a great night, friends!

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