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1. 1950s Diner Table Sets. I saw this set one day while thrifting and I really regret not purchasing!

2. Seersucker

3. Sunday mornings with coffee and New Hampshire Crossroads/Chronicle

4. Suitcases. Especially stacked!

5. This Modcloth interview with vintage shop owner Sarah Dunbar. She has such encouraging and truthful words!

6. The idea of 20 in 20. Make 20 handmade items in 20 days and give them all away! I’ll definitely give this a try once I get my shop more in order.

7. French macarons (Photo and product by EasternCookie on Etsy)

8. Leaving treats around the house for the cats to find.

9. My friend Danielle’s strength, courage, and passion for helping people. She needs $4,000 by May. You can help.

10. CORGIS! Perhaps it’s those big ears, or those tiny little legs…or maybe it’s the way they jump into the water with paws stretched to the sky and a big fluffy-belly flop like this (don’t worry, Golden Retrievers, you’re still my all time fav):

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