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This image just speaks for itself, no?

A lovely lady we know has just opened up her Etsy shop, and this is a sample of the whimsical art that she has available. I’m so tempted to snatch up about five of her prints, tout de suite!

I’d love to have this posted near my bed, so as I fluttered off to dreamland, I could pretend I was aboard the little darling, headed for who-knows-where. The artist herself suggests maybe it’s here:

Please head over to check out her shop. The prints are ready to be shipped and would make the most beautiful gifts for housewarming, baby showers, or any other fanciful occasion. If you really love her work, she’s got a facebook fanpage, too!

Tell her I sent you ;)

xx. Julia

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So today, in an effort to complete my 20 listings goal for February, I created two new items with the intention of adding them to my shop. Unfortunately, I wasn’t completely satisfied with the quality of my cupcake pin cushion since I threw it together pretty quickly and didn’t have any instructions to go by so I had to figure it out as I went. So, I’m finishing February off at 19 items (I’ll list my new painting first thing tomorrow) in an effort to spare you my unprofessional little stitches.

One of the reasons I failed today was because Mondays and Tuesdays are our “weekend” so Ryan and I try to spend most of our time on these days together. I rushed through the pin cushion so I could hang out with him sooner. We also had a meeting for the Portland Food Co-op which we are considering ownership in. We’ll see how that goes…

So, alas, here are the two little tidbits I made today:

Cupcake pin cushion and Ampersand Banner painting

The painting will be listed on Etsy tomorrow! Snatch it up first thing if you’re interested :)

The cupcake stand, of course, is listed here if you like it!

Have a great night, friends!

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